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Posted on 21.12.2008
Dr. Manojit Lodh, alumnus 1964  writes from U.K.
So many years have gone by - memories of our school are still fresh - happy days we spent with each other would come alive At the ALUMNIBES. So much to talk about and so much catching up to do ----------------
As you hug each other and exchange those sweet words , be grateful to our little school who gave us so much .

If it wasn't for BES school would I be reading Tagore or Sarat chandra in my mother's tongue ? Who knows what would have happened
I thank my teachers and my school for making my journey of life so enjoyable

 No roof nor walls remain.
There is no children's laughter
To echo 'cross the plain.

But memories still linger on
To help us all recall...
The good times and the bad times
That started in the Fall.

We'd hustle to our empty desks
As the bell began to ring.

 Pledge allegiance to the Anthem
And then begin to sing.

Another year would come and go
As quickly as a wink...
Our teachers all inspired us
And taught us how to think.

So come on back to Alumnibes
Old friendships to renew...
To talk about the old times
and give our school its due!

 Best wishes 
 Manojit Lodh
Posted on 3.10.2007
Mrs. Jyoti ( Gokhle ) Deshpande, alumnus 1988 writes
Please register my name for the Reunion 2008. I will definitely tell other friends who are in contact.
Thanks to you, I could contact some of my school mates. My husband and I already met Vijay Perla over dinner too...It was great to meet old friends after a long long time. All friends have settled in their lives now and it was lovely to meet Vijay's friendly wife and kid!! It seemed not long ago that we were kids ourselves and it was really funny to see each other with kids of our own! All of us mean to have a get together now and hope to meet some other school mates too...I realised even though you make hundreds of friends over the years, your school friends are somehow, still the closest!!
Thank you once again for making this possible.
P.S. The email ID of Rajiv Jayaraj of 1988 batch, given by you was wrong and I was shocked when the other rajiv jayaraj told me he did not know me!! Anyway, finally could contact the right Rajiv. Please check the ID...I think he himself might have sent an email for this.
Posted on 15.9.2007
Mrs. Jyoti ( Gokhle ) Deshpande, alumnus 1988 writes
I got the link from a friend today and logged on the site for an hour! I was almost in tears to know that there has already been a reunion this year and I missed it...
Thank you so much for the effort to bring all the long lost friends together. Over a period of time, I have lost touch of most of the classmates, and from our batch (1988), I can see only two in the database. Can you please send me the contact details of Rajiv Mambakaran and Vijay Perla? It would mean so much to me to meet friends after so many years!!!!
I have registered myself already, as Jyoti Gokhale (now, Jyoti Deshpande).
Thanks once again...I mean to read all about the alumni now in detail, especially about all our beloved Didi's!!! I have never ever forgotten single Didi or even the 'Da's, especially, Horipododa, whom we troubled so much and still he took care of us lovingly...I miss those days and wish I could go back for another 12 years in school, and participate in Saraswati Puja, 15th August, 26th January, the annual day, eat the chatpata imli outside, eat the 'gola' and the 'candy floss'.....
The site brought back tons of lost memories which were always stored away safely in the corner of my heart.......
Posted on 10.9.2007
Smt. Shoma A Chatterjee Alumnus 1960 writes
Thanks for the note informing us about Reunion 2008 and being so update on everything to do with Alumnibes. However, this is to inform you that I deeply regret my inability to attend the funciton this year as I will be in Kolkata at that time too. I will go for a short trip to Mumbai in December to catch up with some work but will not be able to stay that long.
Have a ball all of you and remember me if you can.
By the way, you can access my articles on Bengali and sometimes, Bollywood cinema on a site called in the Bengali cinema section.
On the NET, I also write on topical issues for and again, on cinema for buzz18 which is the new website for CNBC TV18. They have also published two of my archive interviews with Gulzar and the late Hrisihikeh Mukherjee.
Life at this moment, is a ball because there is more work on hands than I can handle and that is the best thing that can happen to a freelance journalist like myself.
Best wishes and affections to you.
Posted on 27.2.2007
Smt. Neeta Nath, Alumnus 1966 writes from Washington
"Season's Greetings to you and yours. Thank you all for your periodical emails updating us about our school and we sincerely appreciate your hard work. We appreciate your emails on health issues, jokes, photographs etc. Batchmates, will try to write to you separately."
Posted on 18.2.2007
Shri Sushobhon Sarkar, Alumnus-1970 writes from Mumbai
"I agree with the point relating to quality vs quantity.
The purpose of the school is human(child) development not real estate development which is suddenly the craze all over the country these days. Even if we have a multi storied structure and have more students what benefits will flow to the Bengali Community particularly with regard to education? This question has to be answered. I also agree that Life Membership of BES should be made open to Alumnis without delay."
Posted on 2.2.2007
Shri Soumya Pal, Alumnus 2000, writes from Mumbai
"Finally a much needed Souvenir is coming up. This will not only add to creativity of students but also much needed publicity. We can mention the name of the meritorious students in the Sovenir so as to inculcate the competition among students. I m quite sure the results will improve drastically"
Posted on 21.1.2007
Dr. Manojit Lodh, Alumnus 1964, writes from UK
"Journey has begun- to an exciting future. Friends you have connected past with present , transformed darkness to light, sadness into joy, loneliness into hugs of friendship. Words fail me -- I'm ecstatic. If it looks so good on website it must be heaven in real life.
Congratulation and a huge thanks to you Prodyot and Bibek and all the other organisers who has worked so hard and each and every member who came and stood behind them. Each photo on the website tells a story -faces of happiness , eyes gleaming with future dream in the mingling of past and present.
In 3 yrs we have trebled the number of members who are ready go on this mission , "A DREAM DESTINATION"- a future postgraduate , multispecialty BES school. As our membership rise , perhaps the joy of reunion will touch the present group of teachers and student alike. Why don't we invite them on a second day at Purandare stadium to hold a cricket match between past and present or even fun sport i.e. Egg and spoon race, sac race, 50 meter walk etc( keeping in mind the ever increasing age of alumnus)
Fundraising activities with charity function ably helped by our friends in entertainment , advertising and media industries is one way of raising substantial amount of money for school in a short time. I also wonder whether our friends in USA and UK can raise funds by organising musical programs with artists from India as the expatriates are always hungry for good quality events functions.
So friends today's dream could a reality tomorrow
Posted on 18.1.2007
Mrs. Shoma Chatterjee Alumnus 1960 writes from Kolkata
My suggestion : One "thought for the day" if possible every week. And all alumni must contribute some thoughts of theirs in free mind and spirit to enhance the content of the website. How often can you afford to update the content? It would save the site from becoming stale and stagnant but then, for all the successful hi-funda guys that you are, who has the time?

Posted on 13.1.2007
Umer Khan, Alumnus 1984 writes from Wembly, UK
"Hi, Pleased to hear about the Alumni.I wonder when is the next event going to be organised as I would like to attend.My regards and love to every one.I have beautiful memories of Bangla School and would like to get in touch with you all."
Posted on 13.1.2007
Subrata Burman, Alumnus 1966 writes from Beijing, China
"Do you know when is Bangla School foundation day?
 As a suggestion we can always celebrate it as day for reunion where not only the students even the present teachers and past teachers can participate as founders day including all the present and past committee members so that everybody can come under one roof."
Posted on 14.1.2007
Mr. Sushobhan Sarkar,  Alumnus 1970 writes from Mumbai
"Transparency very much appreciated. Can we now do something concrete  for the school and its students? For example instituting  scholarships for students in the name of some of the past principals, alumnibes etc, providing study aids and even improving hygiene and conveniences."