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ALUMNIBES - A Forum for Ex-students of BES School, Dadar, Mumbai

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Reunion 2008

Alumnibes congratulates participants of Reunion 2008 for giving a Rocking performance!  


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Rocking Reunion 2008


Come 5th.January and it was again time to meet dear old friends and ex-students of our ALMA MATER. The evening got to a late start due to usual traffic problems and also due to participant’s non familiarity with Vashi ( Navi Mumbai ). The venue MARINE CLUB was a fabulous location with all modern facilities and beautiful arrangements. The initial greetings and exchanges went on till 7-00 p.m. when the meeting was called to order.

After observing 1 minute silence in memory of the departed souls of our respected teachers, and 1974 Alumni Amitabha Chakrabarty; program host Dileep briefly narrated the past few years` activities of the Alumnibes and also the efforts put forward by the Executive Core Committee of Alumnibes. A resolution was moved to enable our Alumnibes Executive Core Committee members to donate the funds raised (partially or fully) to our alma mater after due consideration from time to time; which was passed unanimously by all the members present. Remembering our beloved Principal Late Sri Gokul Chandra Pain who rendered yeomen service to our school from 1953 to 1968, and also to all the Bengali Institutions of Bombay viz. Bengali Education Society, Bengal Club, Bengali Maheela Samiti, Banga Bhasha prashar Samity, and all others in projecting, upholding and publicizing the rich Bengali Culture and traditions in this western part of the country; Dileep invited Shri Pradeep Kumar Pain ( 1958 batch SSC topper of our School and son of Late Shri G.C.Pain ) who served the Indian Banking Industry with great distinction and honour, to share his feelings about the school and the rich contributions made by his father Late Shri G.C.Pain. Emotional and proud, Pradeepda recalled his wonderful days at the School, batch mates viz. Swapan Nandi, Indrani Mitra and others and how apart from learning the lessons in school, our cultural and traditional values were built up. He fondly remembered how the children were taken to see good, educational and epic English movies to far off theaters like REGAL in double decker TRAMS and brought back safely under constant and loving care of our teachers and staff. Pradeepda paid rich tributes to his father`s era in BES High School ( 1953-1968 ) and echoed the sentiments of how Shri G.C.Pain had strived to project and uplift the Bengali Culture in this part of the country. The fund raising programs for our school building by staging of Tagore`s Dance Dramma " CHANDALIKA " in Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan , the visit/felicitations of famous Bengali dignitaries viz. Miss Anita Bose ( Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose`s daughter ), PadmaShri Bishtu Ghosh and Padmashri Reba Rakshit ( who would demonstrate the power of body building and yoga by making an Adult elephant walk over her chest in ‘Raymon Circus’, Indian football squad for Tokyo Olympics under the captaincy of legendary Mohun Bagan Left-in player Chuni Goswami and many others were mentioned with great satisfaction and pride. Our simple, poised and elegant Ashok Roy ( 1964 batch ) recited two great poems by Tagore. Bharath Tirtha ( hey mor chitta punya tirthe jago re dheer` e, ei Bharath er maha manab er sagar teer`e ) and Kazi Nazrul Islam`s famous lines" Bhaang Bhaang Bhaang re Kaaraa" which is still reverberating in every ones ears.

The ALUMNIBES thanked the host, our own ex-student, Captain Partho Das,a very enterprising and successful businessman and proud owner of this Marine Club at Vashi and yet humble enough to designate himself as only Chief Servant, felt very excited and offered to stage our future programs too. The next part of the program , which was the brain child of our Convenor  Shri Prodyoth Nandy and Capt.Partho Das was the magic of Video Jockey Dev (son of Capt.Das) and VJ Sen (son of another ex-student of our school)). This program set the entire gathering ROCKING to the fantastic music. It was such a treat to watch and a rare event when the 60 year olds danced to the rocking beats with the youngsters of 20 years and derived TOTAL satisfaction and heartiest enjoyment. The snacks and drinks session by the side hall provided the much needed interval to meet, mix, greet, get introduced to, identify and remember and exchange the pleasentaries with each other. The need to fulfill all the appetite for gossip and opportunity to meet the long lost batch mates and contemporaries and the younger generations have been one feature which could not be addressed in earlier Re-unions was completely unleashed and at one time made every one long for the evening to go on and on for ever. Every good things in life have a limited span. Very very delicious and tasty dinner was ready around 10-00 pm and so the crowd had to be pushed to the Dining hall. So we bid adeu to meet next year again!

                                                   - Shri Dileep Chatterjee


List of Partcipants:

Abeer Dey ( 1989 )

Abyakta Basu ( 1961 )
Amiyo Karmakar ( 1983 )
Anando Ganguli ( 1970 )
Anjan Biswas ( 1968 )
Anup Ghosh ( 1966 )
Anurupa Maitra (1966) +spouse
Ashok Bhattacharji (1966) +spouse
Ashok Roy ( 1964 ) + spouse
Aurobindo Das ( 1970 ) 
Bhairab Sensharma ( 1989 )
Bhavin Maru ( 1989 )
Bibek Bagchi's spouse
Binoy Krishna Dhar ( 1953 )
Buddhadev Karmakar (1989)
Daniel Jagtap (1982)+ spouse
Debaprasad Sengupta (1971)
Debashish Das ( 1981)+ spouse
Deepti Sengupta ( 1970)
Dileep Chatterjee ( 1964 )
Gautam Maiti ( 1969 )
Joyoti Chakrabarty + spouse
Jyoti Deshpande ( 1988 )
Kalpa Deep Chatterjee 
Kanchan Shetty ( 1988 )
Karnaditya Neogi (1966)+ spouse
Kaushik Banerjee (1974)+ spouse
Mahua Chakrabarty(1968)+spouse
Mainak Chatterjee ( 1966 )
Meera Majumdar ( 1955 )
Mrinal Dutta ( 1966 )
Nibedita Roy (1970)+ spouse
Nirukta Bose ( 1967 )
Nivedita Das (1988) + spouse
Panchami Sen ( 1978 )
Partha Bose ( 1964 )+ spouse
Partho Das ( 1970) + spouse
Prabir De ( 1970 )
Prabir Ghosh ( 1964 )
Pradip Kumar Pain (1958) +spouse
Prashanta Majumdar (1964) + spouse
Prodyot Nandy ( 1964 ) + spouse
Radha Shenvi + Spouse
Rajeev Mambakaran ( 1988 )
Ranajit Lodh ( 1962 )
Ravish Shanbhag (1990)
Rewa Deo ( 1988 )
Rita Bose ( 1970 )
Sanjay Lahiri + spouse
Sarbani Dhavan (1979)
Shahid Khan ( 1989 )
Sharmila Chakrabarty (1979)
Sharmishtha Sen ( 1976)
Shyamaprasad Dhar (1964) 
Soumya Pal (2000)
Subrata Burman (1966) + spouse
Subrata Dey ( 1975 )
Subrata Karmakar (1992)+ spouse
Sudebi Karmakar ( 1964 )
Swadheen Dey (1958)+ spouse
Swapan Saha (1975)+ spouse
Swati Mukherjee ( 1981 )
Uttam Bardhan ( 1971 ) + spouse
Vijay Perla ( 1988 )
Vivek Rathod ( 1989 )
Vivekita Gupta (1979)
( If anybody has attended the Reunion 2008 and finds himself/herself missing from above list please let us know )

Participant's Impressions :
Dr. Anurupa Maitra writes :
It was unforgettable! Just that the decibel level made sure we kept yelling into each other's ears. The whole atmosphere was  electric. In fact I kept clicking pictures of my class of '66, with camera at the wrong setting. Result ? All pictures are like "Amabasyar Raat". Never seen my classmates this way before!! Now I must wait till the Reunion 2009 to get them really the way they are.
Oh yes! The food also suited everybody's palate.
Thank you so much for organising such a nice get together.
Plans for 2009 ?
I will  definitely join , whatever  would be the  mode of transport needed.  Do keep me on the  mailing  list.

Shri Anukta Bose writes :
Let me felicitate you for successful holding Reunion 2008.
It was just wonderful to hear Shri Pradip Pain recollecting the old days. I also came to know about contacts of  my batch mates who were in Mumbai
but unfortunately did not know about the Reunion. I will collect their names and contacts  nos etc and forward them to you for registration and also invite them to attend future events.
Regarding  suggestion  about Reunion 2009 I shall write separately.
I believe  a great beginning has been made  and needs to be sustained  till we become a strong and a fruitful alumni association.
Shri Taposh Das husband of Alumni Smt. Nivedita Das writes :


I had attended Reunion 2008 as a guest along with my wife Nivedita Das as she is the ex-student of the school. It was a wonderful experience. I bid adeau the year 2007 with cold and fever and could not take the dance floor. Hence I was pre determined and wanted to enjoy 5th January night like 31st December. And I did enjoy in the company of Abir and Capt.Das's family. Capt.Das whom we lovingly call Partoda, has been excellant as a host. I got introduced to my wife's friends and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

We must have the same organised in the same venue next year as the place provides all facilities.

Shri Subrata Burman writes :

Wonderful evening ,It could not be better!

Will make all effort to come back and rock!

Smt Jyoti Deshpande writes :

Thank you all of you so much for the great event on the 5th.

We all enjoyed immensely and the food was great! (even though every time the chicken lollypops came in, we managed to grab only a single because the whole lot disappeared withing seconds! They were delicious). Even though as compared to the seniors, we of the '88 batch and others who were still junior were much less in numbers, we met each other after 19 years! Many had changed and many remained as they were 19 years ago, though they had changed in terms of the fat on bones!


The DJ was great, except that we wished it was on till midnight! We could not stop talking once we all met after so many years and by the time we hit the dance floor, it was time for dinner. We were very very very impressed with the energy of the seniors who danced fantastically well and we wish all of you the best of health and energy for the many many years to come...after the getto, we had our small 88 adda again at the King circles icecream parlor at midnight!


We are grateful to all of you for making this happen, and a special 'Thank you' to Capt.Das for the wonderful arrangement. We all wait eagerly for the snaps. I am sure there must be plenty, we all saw you clicking to your hearts content the whole evening!


A thing we all greatly missed was absence of any of the teachers of our time, especially, Sheeladi and Kamladi who were there last year and we were expecting to meet to get their blessings.


Smt. Mahua Chakrabarty writes :

Thanks a lot for taking that extra effort to make Reunion 2008 All Succesful. I enjoyed it but would  have loved to meet more of 1968 batch mates.
Through out it was an enjoyable evening.
Looking forward to Reunoin 2009.
PS: Cannot forget the Kangaroo Dance!
Captain Partho Das writes :
Dear Unforgetables !
A million thanks to all those who struggled to attend Reunion 2008 inspite of hectic bursting monotonous lifestyle.  Your great appearance itself gave victory points to our noble reunion with a  unique twist & satisfaction.  Another million thanks again for 
reproducing the sensational flashback of our B.E.S. School bygone days which refreshed our memories greatly while trying to visualise the  past innocent faces with current matured presentation.

I thank all for giving me a great scope to render some SEVA to my seniors & juniors, that gave me a PARAM VISHISTA NIRMAL ANAND.  The  great joy of assessing attendance reached a score of 127 students & their spouses. I now request those who could not make it to share the great reunion 
2008, that ? on next opportunity please ? pleaseeee try, struggle, break through, but simply make it.
A shipload of big big thanks & appreciation for our great Prodyot Nandy who organised this event.  Yes ! Prodyot da ! Ashesh Dhonnobad  Tomake.  Give me another chance & I shall manage with more colours & keep it a continuous event including the latest flamboyant ?Kangaroo  hip hop?; We might re-mix with Rodh Island, Leghorns, ape-silo &  peacockian dance too.
Offcourse a lady with ?Supreme Court figure? had the highest appeals of continuous dancing for long stretch.  Inspite of countering great Newtons Law she danced gracefully & carried her alarmingly
well -  Congrats !
I grant 100 Marks to her.

List of Donors :
1. Shri Subrata Burman :           Rs. 1000
2. Shri Pradip Kumar Pain :       Rs.   500
3. Shri Abeer De :                    Rs. 1000
4. Smt. Sharbani Dhavan :         Rs.  500
5. Shri Partha Bose :                 Rs.  400
6. Shri Uttam Bardhan :            Rs. 1500
7. Shri Anjan Biswas :               Rs.   501
8. Smt. Mahua Chakrabarty         Rs. 1000
9. Ms. Abyakta Basu                  Rs. 1000
10. Shri Sanjay Lahiri                 Rs. 1000
11. Shri Ashok Roy                      Rs. 1000
12. Dr. Anurupa Maitra                Rs.   500
13. Shri Debashish Das               Rs.  500
14. Shri Shyamaprasad Dhar        Rs.  100
15. Shri Karnaditya Neogi            Rs. 1001
16. Smt. Vivekita Gupta              Rs.  500
17. Shri Ravish Shanbhag            Rs.  500
18. Shri Prabir Ghosh                  Rs.  500
19. Shri Mrinal Dutta                  Rs.  300
20. Smt. Sudebi Karmakar           Rs.  250
21. Smt. Radha Shenvi               Rs. 2000
22. Smt. Joyoti Chakrabarty        Rs. 1000
23. Shri Debaprasad Sengupta    Rs.   500
24. Shri Mainak Chatterjee         Rs.   500
25. Smt. Sharmila Chakrabarty    Rs.   400
26. Batch of 1988                     Rs.  2500
Total amount collected          Rs.  20452
Previous years balance           Rs. 26084
Total                                  Rs.  46536
Expenses :
Reunion expenses at Marine Club  Rs. 18000  ( Paid to BES with the consent of Captain Partho Das, Chief, Marine club for celebration of Platinum Jubilee- BES and School development projects)
Banner                                    Rs.    500
Total expenses                         Rs. 18500
Surplus :                                 Rs. 28036
Note : Custodians of alumnibes fund with holdings as
          follows :
                  1) Shri Bibek Bagchi         ( Rs. 26,084 )
                  2) Smt. Sharbani Dhavan  (  Rs.  1,952 )

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