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ALUMNIBES - A Forum for Ex-students of BES School, Dadar, Mumbai

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This page has been created for Alumnibes members to enable them to 'Pay Back'  to alma mater in what ever capacity they can.  


Quill, Writing with Ink Well

Visitors can express themselves through the following guest book. Also queries can be send to us by filling up the form given at the bottom of the page.


Donate generously for BES School and obtain 80 G Income Tax benefits

Corporate Sponsorship


Multinational Giant Johnson & Johnson has taken up the Sponsorship for Upgrading and Modernizing BES School Science Laboratory and has already disbursed a Cheque of amount Rs. 5.5 Lakhs to BES, Platinum Jubilee account.

 Partha Bose ( alumnus 1964 ) has relentlessly pursued this sponsorship project for the past few months and his effort will rank as one of the best for raising of fund for the School.

List of donors to alma mater will be updated as and when the donation amount is received


         Name                                        Batch                   Amount

Individual Ex-student donations:

1. Shri Deepak Mazumdar        1972           Rs. 51,000=00

2. Shri Ashok Parui                  1971           Rs. 30,001=00

3. Captain Partho Das              1970           Rs. 25,501=00

4. Dr. Anurupa Maitra*            1966           Rs. 25,000=00

5. Shri Debiprasad Chowdhury 1961           Rs. 25,000=00

6. Smt. Anita Chowdhury         1961           Rs. 25,000=00

7. Ms. Debjani Chowdhury       1969           Rs. 25,000=00

8. Dr. Manojit Lodh                 1964           Rs. 12,500=00

9. Shri Prabir Ghosh                 1964          Rs. 12,500=00

10. Shri Samir Chatterjee           1964           Rs. 10,321=00

11. Shri Bibek Bagchi                 1979           Rs. 10,000=00

12. Shri Prodyot Nandy            1964           Rs. 10,000=00

13. Shri Partha Bose                 1964           Rs. 10,000=00

14. Shri Nirukta Bose                1967           Rs. 10,000=00

15. Smt. Sheela Roy                  1962           Rs. 10,000=00

16. Shri Pratip Lahiri                1979            Rs. 7,500=00

17. Shri Samarendranath Roy  1966             Rs. 5,001=00

18. Shri Sankar Gupta              1973             RS.5001=00

19. Shri Sanjay Lahiri               1969             Rs. 5001=00

20. Shri Phanish M Shetty        1988             Rs. 5,000=00

21. Shri Subrata Maiti              1965             Rs. 5,000=00

22. Dr. Aurobindo Das             1970             Rs. 5,000=00

23. Shri Chandan Maity           1975             Rs. 5,000=00

24. Smt. Juthika Bhattacharya 1967             Rs. 5,000=00

25. Shri Rajeev Jairaj               1988             Rs. 5,000=00

26. Shri Santanu Dam              1972             Rs. 3,000=00

27. Smt Shefalika Das              1954             Rs. 3,000=00

28. Shri Bibek Mazumdar        1963             Rs. 3,000=00

29. Shri Sushil Chatterjee        1953             Rs. 2,001=00

30.       Batch          of              1989             Rs. 1,500=00

31. Shri Ravindra Bhat            1976             Rs. 1,001=00 

32. Smt. Tapashi Bhattacharya 1973            Rs. 1,000=00

33. Shri Anup Bhattacharya     1979            Rs. 1,000=00

34. Smt. Tapati Gupta              1981              Rs. 500=00

35. Smt. Somenath Dutta         1989              Rs. 500=00

36. Smt. Chhanda Sen Majumdar  1987        Rs. 200=00


 ( Donation list is incomplete. If any ex-student of BES School has donated for School, please inform us through 'Guest Book' on top of the page. We will certainly acknowledge. )



* Donated in loving memory of her parents

   Smt Aruna Lahiri and Shri Bhupendra Nath Lahiri 


Corporate donations :

1. Through Shri Deepak Mazumdar ( 1972 )

    M/S Palm Gold Commodities              Rs. 20,000=00

    M/S Shri Srinivasan Exports                Rs. 20,000=00

    M/S H. M. Dehydrate Foods                Rs. 20,000=00

    M/S Srinivasa Chillio Exports              Rs. 20,000=00

    M/S Tirupathi Agri Brokers                 Rs. 10,000=00


Corporate advertisements for Souvenir :


1. Through, Shri Bimal Basak ( 1954 )        Rs. 25,000=00


2. Through, Smt. Bharati Shome ( 1966 )    Rs. 10,000=00


3. Through, Shri Sanjay Lahiri ( 1969 )       Rs. 18,000=00


4. Through, Shri Anath Parui ( 1967 )         Rs. 18,000=00


5. Through Shri Sushobhan Sarkar ( 1970 ) Rs. 10,000=00


6. Through Shri Prabir Kumar De  ( 1970 ) Rs. 10,000=00


Sponsorships by Alumni

Dr. Shibani Kanungo (1984) has sponsored scholarships to girl students from  std VII to std X  of BES High School for all round performance.

                       The sponsorship is worth  Rs. 25,000=00


Creative effort as a 'Pay Back' to alma mater

      Shri Ashok Roy (1964) has designed the Platinum Jubilee logo, the cover page of Souvenir, the letter-head, the appeal form for  advertisement/donation and made the art work for Platinum Jubilee program advertisement. He has also sponsored advertisement in paper 'Afternoon' for Platinum Jubilee program on 18th October. His contribution of three poems and a few  anecdotes enriches the souvenir.

Ashok has also sponsored a full page colour ad in souvenir   

                                   for "Innervoice" worth  Rs. 5,000=00



Posted on 4.9.2008


Sub :  An appeal for donation to alma mater


Our Alma Mater, the Bengali Education Society's School, has turned a youthful 75 years this summer, established in the year 1933 by a small Bengali group settled early in Bombay. What started as a first batch of only six students has, over the years, grown to an academic bank of over 1500 co-educated students representing every hue of Mumbai society. Socio-cultural enrichment, sporting activities, sustained academic performance at the annual SSC examinations and the standout professional and social attainments of countless names from the Alunmi family bear glowing testimony to the spirit and caliber of the student fraternity, ably backed by a dedicated and caring teaching staff.


However, that is not all that the founding fathers envisioned the day they planted the ceremonial sapling seventy five years ago. They hoped that their dreams would be carried forward by generations of the future, dreams of a vibrant and multilingual fountain head of education, culture and social integration not just at the place of their initial choice but replicated at as many places as possible.


We know that this is an uphill task and we can do very little without your kind and generous help. There are various projects for up liftment of School, which School Management needs to take up expeditiously.


1.     The infrastructure at present is 75 years old & needs an Architect to assess the life of the building structure and take up necessary repair works to increase the life of the buildings.


2.     Plastering, painting inside and outside of school buildings.


3.     Complete renovation of the Science Laboratory.


4.     To upgrade present Computer Lab.


5.     To upgrade Library room with furniture and books necessary for school children and teachers.


6.     To replace all old benches of class rooms, blackboards, and upgrade staff room.


7.     To upgrade, beautify, and modernise the Pre-Primary Section.


8.     To provide some sports facilities like basket ball court, table tennis room etc.


9.     To beautify compound and the entrance of school.


10. To  convert  the  existing  Hall in  primary  building  with  good  sound  system and air conditioning.


11. To  cover  up  open   space   between   the  two   buildings   with shades (foldable)   as   per   BMC’s  rule. Similarly   cover   up  2  terraces above two  buildings with shades.


12. As  per   present  FSI   if  permitted  by  BMC  to  increase  one   floor  to accommodate more children or to have Jr. College (11th and  12th standard) classes.


To realise our goals and also commemorate this glorious Platinum Jubilee year, we have planned two fund raising programmes on the 16th and 18th October, 2008 at Sri Shanmukhananda Fine Arts & Sangeetha Sabha, Sion and Ravindra Natya Mandir, Prabhadevi, respectively. While the first programme will be conducted by the school students, guided by their teachers and ex-students, the second programme promises a musical journey by renowned artists such as Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty, Smt. Kaushiki Desikan and Shri Shekhar Sen. On this occasion we shall publish a commemorative souvenir highlighting chronological anecdotes and articles on our school.


We appeal to you to donate generously and help us with your financial contributions.  


Please be assured that, your donations shall have tax exemptions under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


Please make your cheque/draft in favour of ‘Bengali Education Society’, write on the reverse, Name, Batch Year and Tel no.,  and send it to following address.



4 West View, L. N. Road,

Dadar ( East ), Mumbai – 400 014


Those donating 'any amount' will find their names in  ‘Payback’ page of Alumnibes website . It is also possible to keep the name of donor  anonymous,  if donor so desires.


Hoping for the best of your co-operation.


Regards and best wishes.


Prodyot Nandy,   

member, Publicity Sub-Committee

Platinum Jubilee Celebration Committee – BES School


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